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Xcenda believes in contributing to the future of healthcare and to the future professionals in our industry. Our Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience and Health Outcomes Research/Consulting Student Rotation provides a PharmD candidate with the basic understanding of the clinical, economic, and humanistic outcomes of healthcare interventions, focusing on pharmacoeconomics and healthcare quality assessments.

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Didactic and practical experience in these core areas will expose the student to a variety of competencies utilized in a health outcomes research and managed markets consulting firm. The practice environment primarily involves working directly with a number of top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies including other stakeholders (payers, providers, and patients). The student will be exposed to and/or directly involved with the many steps in conducting quality-focused, outcomes-based research -- from proposal development to analysis and manuscript preparation.

Specific project work may include assisting with any of the following:

  • Formulary dossier development

  • Database research protocol development and results interpretation

  • Quality improvement and disease management program participation (protocol development, data collection-form development, data interpretation, report development, poster development)

  • Software-based model design (model design, identification of cost drivers, selection of default values, screenshot development, model testing)

  • Outcomes research presentation development (identification of literature, creation of outcomes “story” for particular products, development of slide kit)

  • Proposal development (various types of projects)

  • Participation in product market assessments

  • Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) training tools (slide development, script development, literature review)

Xcenda currently has affiliation agreements with many schools of pharmacy across the United States. If selected for the 2017-2018 Health Outcomes and Managed Markets APPE, Xcenda will work with your school of pharmacy to obtain an affiliation agreement if one is not already in place.

2018-2019 Health Outcomes and Managed Markets PharmD Candidate APPE Rotation Application

Deadline: 11:59pm EST on January 6, 2018

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Learning Objectives:

Specific learning objectives will be developed and projects assigned according to each student’s primary areas of interest and aptitude level. Potential objectives include:

  • Distinguish between the different types of pharmacoeconomic analyses and understand the process for developing pharmacoeconomic models 

  • Understand the process of continuous quality improvement and become familiar with the steps involved in quality improvement research and disease management

  • Understand the process for outcomes-based utilization in healthcare decision making for formulary development and other Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee issues

  • Understand the methodologies used in developing an outcomes-based formulary or preferred drug list

  • Understand the tools used in outcomes-based utilization decision making (research, outcomes, and quality-focused Drug Utilization Evaluations/Medication Utilization Evaluations [DUE/MUE]) 

  • Find health economic-related literature from nontraditional sources (internet sites, specific journals, databases other than Medline)

  • Identify the outcomes and cost drivers for treatment of disease states commonly encountered in managed care

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To become more knowledgeable of the various applications of health outcomes research and pharmacoeconomics  

  • To apply the didactic knowledge gained in the PharmD curriculum within a unique and practical environment  

  • To deliver a formal presentation to the preceptor and others at the practice site. The presentation should be approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length, followed by a question and answer session. Visual aids should be incorporated into the presentation. 



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