The business of healthcare is changing, and perhaps no more so than in oncology. At Xcenda, we're built to help you navigate the increasingly complex decisions related to product development and commercialization. 

Leverage Xcenda's vast experience, comprehensive research capabilities, and unique blend of clinical and reimbursement knowledge to stay ahead of the rapidly changing therapeutic and payer landscapes. We've assembled an expert team of professionals from across the healthcare spectrum. Their mix of experience and real world knowledge offer clinical and commercial teams the right expertise, at the right time in the life cycle of their oncology product or franchise.

Critical steps to maximize access in today's value-based oncology market:

  • Provide the data payers are looking for by prioritizing overall survival endpoints and generating comparative effectiveness research (CER) through clinical trials or retrospective data analyses.

  • Take a leadership role in facilitating dialogue and cooperation between payers and oncologists who share the pursuit of high-quality patient care while utilizing cost-effective strategies. Read a case study related to this topic.

  • Recognize that costs are entering the oncology equation, and equip payers with tools to understand price. Train account managers to understand the payer's business and communicate product value effectively.

  • Know how and why oncologists make treatment decisions relating to your product. Take a prospective view by uncovering oncologists' feedback on recent data and determining how new findings will impact treatment decisions.

  • Plan for continued integration of pharmacy and medical benefits as well as increased utilization managment.

  • Design a patient assistance strategy that considers how healthcare reform implementation will change your payer mix and patient un/underinsured population.

  • Provide field reimbursement support to help physicians and their office staff to overcome patient access barriers.

  • Develop a thorough compendia strategy.

Gain greater value with one partner across the life cycle.

Early Development

Xcenda applies expertise in epidemiology, and unique market research methodologies and advisor networks, to guide early stage strategies. We offer advisor boards and other methods of gathering insights from US payers, more than 3,000 oncologists/hematologists, as well as health economic key opinion leaders in Europe, Asia and Latin America. After analyzing the advisors' insights, we make recommendations to guide clinical trial design, identify target indications, and go/no-go decision regarding in-licensing and product/company acquisitions.

Later Development

Xcenda builds data foundations to support favorable safety profiles which help oncology teams evaluate their risk management strategy, sometimes even avoiding full-blown REMS programs. Also at this stage we create HEOR platforms upon which managed markets teams build effective payer value propositions. And our disease state education programs for providers and payers help drive critical pre-launch awareness. We also continue to apply epidemiology studies and provider market research insights to help oncology teams understand changes in the market landscape.

12-24 Months Pre-Launch

In this crucial stage Xcenda's internal experts work closely with the manufacturer's various internal teams. We evaluate market access issues, develop strategic plans, look critically at the impact of policy and regulatory changes, and begin to execute the necessary tactical steps required to successfully launch a new oncology product in today's value-based market. It's during this phase that clients particularly benefit from Xcenda's unique mix of services and expertise.

  • Provider Messaging

    The insights we gather from the 3,000+ advisors who participate in the Global Provider Insights Network guide customers to first understand the targeted disease state, and then where their product will likely be utilized in the course of treatment. Xcenda's analyses lead to the development, testing and implementation of effective provider messaging.

  • Payer Strategy

    Our strategic recommendations are informed by our own HEOR expertise and real-world payer insights from the advisors who participate in our Managed Care Network (MCN). We develop payer value messages, test those messages, and implement programs to demonstrate a product's unique value to payers. And our communications agency designs payer field tools and marketing campaigns that drive results in a crowded market.

  • Reimbursement Strategy

    Xcenda's experience with more than 30 oral and injectable oncology products, 20+ tumor types, and more than 10 diagnostics gives us a clear understanding of the reimbursement landscape. Through patient assistance exposure modeling and compendia strategy, we uncover opportunities and predict challenges that others may miss. And our tactical support services mean we don't just build a reimbursement roadmap to support the launch, we have the feet on the street to pull through the programs that maximize patient access.

  • Training & Field Teams

    Equip your personnel with the knowledge required to support the launch. Teach provider facing teams how to navigate providers' heightened sensitivities around detailing and the financial risks associated with the acquisition of high dollar biologics. Ensure field reimbursement teams can overcome the barriers common in today's medical practice. And check account managers' understanding of the payers' business. Does their financial and health economics acumen adequately prepare them to meet today's challenges?

  • Patients

    Utilize Xcenda's patient research panels and patient advocacy group relationships to identify the issues and resources required to support patients.


As manufacturers move into launch mode, they turn to Xcenda for the materials required to effectively communicate with payers and providers. We develop value dossiers, economic models, and slide decks for payers as well as provider education materials for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and office managers. And for teams with limited field support, contract Xcenda's experienced account managers, medical science liaisons, and field reimbursement managers to support the launch.

Post Launch

Xcenda continues to support oncology teams by monitoring regulatory changes, payer coverage policies and patient access issues. Xcenda continually conducts provider market research on crucial and strategic topics, the analyses of which provides unique and valuable insights to support future indications.

Late Life Cycle

Near the end of a product's branded phase, Xcenda helps oncology teams create strategies around generic entrants so payers, providers, and patients understand the branded product's value.

Access our scalable services and benefit from the experience more oncology decision-makers trust.

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