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  • Payer Tactics to Manage Commercial Copay Assistance

    The prices for brand-name prescription drugs—particularly those products deemed as specialty drugs—continue to soar, leading to health insurance plans in the commercial (private market) sector exploring ways to manage these drugs more aggressively. Patients may end up bearing the brunt of these market dynamics, often facing high out-of-pocket (OOP) costs for these drugs. Xcenda examines the payer tactics to manage copay assistance in this issue brief. More

  • Xcenda Issue Brief: 2018 Trends—Leaning Into the Chaos

    January 2018 | What's next in the healthcare environment for 2018? Our Health Policy Weekly editors, Jennifer Snow and Scott Shields, examine key healthcare trends for 2018 in a new issue brief. More

  • Xcenda Collaborates with Family Reach on Critical Issue - Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity

    January 2018 | Xcenda consultants lent their scientific research, medical writing, and design expertise to collaborate on a white paper spearheaded by Family Reach, titled Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity and its Pervasive Effects on Patients and Families: Solving a National Health and Economic Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight. More

  • White Paper: Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies

    Every moment counts when working with life-saving and industry changing treatments. Our white paper, Commercializing Cell and Gene Therapies, offers actionable insights for those ready to shape this new landscape. Authored by AmerisourceBergen’s multi-disciplinary and market-leading experts, readers will learn what it takes to design an effective commercialization strategy and execute an integrated solution when the patient is in the supply chain. More

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    Xcenda's Decision Map makes it easy to stay informed on key HTA decisions from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. More

  • HTA Quarterly Archive: Insights to Bridge Science and Policy

    Find articles from current and past issues of the HTA Quarterly, Xcenda's e-newsletter written specifically by and for health economics and market access professionals. More

  • Health Policy Weekly Archive

    Miss a recent issue? Get up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative happenings and news that impact stakeholders in the healthcare industry. More

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