Manufacturers preparing to launch a new product in today’s complex and ever-changing healthcare market often realize they need a strategic partner whose insights can guide today’s critical decisions—the decisions that will impact product uptake at launch.

Xcenda has an in-depth understanding of all stakeholders, the experience to anticipate what challenges may lay ahead, and the insight to develop the appropriate strategies to overcome them. 

Maximize commercial opportunities with the following key services:

Analyze health policy

Consistently monitor the legislative and policy environment to anticipate how current changes could impact the market landscape for your product at launch.

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Analyze payer mix/payer segmentation

Work with us to develop an effective payer segmentation to guide strategies for optimizing product coverage and access.

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Select a Payer Agency

You're starting to prepare payers for your product launch. But is your agency prepared? Do they understand the reimbursement landscape your product will face? Do they know how government and private payers perceive your clinical evidence? Select the right partner and gain a strategic advantage leading up to your product launch.

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12 to 24 Months Prior to Launch: Additional Services

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  • Gather Stakeholder insights with Xcenda's Advisor NetworksMore

  • Global Value DossiersMore

  • Economic modelsMore

  • Scientific publicationsMore

  • CompendiaMore

  • CodingMore

  • Patient and Provider Access StrategyMore

  • Risk management strategyMore

  • Contract HEOR staffMore