Critical success factors such as reimbursement and access are increasingly influencing manufacturers’ early stage clinical research processes. Xcenda recommends manufacturers gather input from local market payers years before regulators ever review safety and efficacy data. Insights from these influential stakeholders inform our recommendations for epidemiological studies and clinical trial design, so that the manufacturer’s R&D investment is applied to the development of innovation that the healthcare industry will value.

Accelerate commercial opportunities with the following key services:

Contract HEOR professionals

Flexible contracts add best-in-class HEOR experts to your team. Guide the development of optimal clinical evidence and build a HEOR strategy without the burden of full-time hires early in the development cycle.

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Analyze stakeholder insights

Understand the payer and provider perspective through our advisor networks. Understand unmet clinical needs and shape clinical trial design, including which products to test against and which endpoints to pursue.

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Conduct epidemiology studies

Inform clinical trial design by understanding incidence and prevalence and studying burden of illness and patterns of care.

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Early Development: Additional Services

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