Manufacturers at this stage have an opportunity to take a strategic look at how preliminary clinical trial results address the unmet need in the market and how this may influence reimbursement and access at launch. Xcenda recommends manufacturers take a proactive approach to evaluating the payer and reimbursement landscape, forecasting provider uptake, assessing product risk, and developing a health outcomes strategy.

Accelerate commercial opportunities with the following key services:

Analyze provider insights with Challenging Cases®

Take a prospective look at how patterns of care would change with the introduction of a new therapy. Forecast projected uptake by studying clinicians' response to clinical trial data.

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Develop a risk management strategy

Review phase 2 or interim phase 3 trial results to prepare for anticipated REMS discussions with the FDA. Position your product for less-stringent requirements while still ensuring safe use.

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Contract HEOR professionals

Access the HEOR experts you need to ramp up for launch. Flexible contract staff can develop data for field teams, design and implement a publication strategy, or support the ongoing development of the product value proposition—all in coordination with your internal stakeholders.

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Later Development: Additional Services

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  • Gather payer insightsMore

  • Develop a managed markets strategyMore

  • Develop a compendia strategyMore