• Matt Sarnes Shares Insights on Product Value with KnowledgeDriven.com

    December 2016 | As Senior Vice President of Commercial Consulting at Xcenda, Matt Sarnes, PharmD, has worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers to launch dozens of products … and more importantly, to ensure appropriate reimbursement for those products. Dr. Sarnes speaks with KnowledgeDriven.com to discuss how manufacturers are changing their approaches to access in response to seismic shifts in the payer environment. More

  • Xcenda's Amy Duhig to Present at AMCP Webinar, Enabling the Exchange of Clinical and Economic Data Pre-FDA Approval

    November 2016 | Join AMCP and Xcenda's Amy Duhig for a live webinar on December 15, 2016 to learn about the recommendations that resulted from the Partnership Forum and AMCP’s efforts to improve the exchange of clinical and economic information prior to FDA approval. More

  • Xcenda's Jennifer Snow Presents at Official Launch of Healthcare Leaders for Accountable Innovation in Medicare Coalition

    November 2016 | On November 17, Jennifer Snow, MPH, Director of Health Policy at Xcenda, will present Xcenda’s white paper, “Accountable Innovation: Reforms to Strengthen and Sustain the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation" at the official launch of the , Healthcare Leaders for Accountable Innovation in Medicare coalition. More

  • Xcenda Recognizes Outstanding Associates During Vision Week 2016

    November 2016 | Xcenda proudly recognizes our winners for Vision and Values Awards for 2016. These associates' dedication and passion for excellence embodies Xcenda's pursuit of being the preferred partner for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. More

  • Xcenda Delivers Value Frameworks Symposium at ISPOR EU

    November 2016 | Xcenda delivered a successful symposium at ISPOR's 19th Annual European Congress in Vienna, Austria on Tuesday, 1 November, 2016. With a large live audience, Jay Jackson, PharmD, MPW, Sr. Vice President, Scientific Consulting, moderated a panel of Xcenda global HEOR experts, along with key healthcare stakeholders, and presented insights on US-focused value constructs that were released in late 2015. Learn more on how you can obtain the presentation slides. More

  • Xcenda's Global HEOR Experts to Present at ISPOR Vienna

    September 2016 | Join Xcenda's Global HEOR consultants in Vienna, Austria as they demonstrate their global perspective, as well as findings from the latest evidence-based research at ISPOR's 19th Annual European Congress from 29 October to 2 November 2016. Meet us at booths #314,315,403,404. More

  • Xcenda's Kasia Shields to Speak at 4th Annual HOPA Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program

    September 2016 | Join Kasia Shields, PharmD, MBA, BCOP, BCPS, Director of Medical Communications at Xcenda, as she presents "Oncology Treatment Assessments and Alternative Payment Models: Transition from Volume to Value" at the 4th Annual Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program on Friday, September 23 in Chicago. More

  • Xcenda's Global HEOR Experts Featured in ISPOR's Value & Outcomes Spotlight

    September 2016 | Xcenda's Dr. Thomas Mittendorf, MSc, PhD, and Clemence Arvin-berod, PharmD, contribute a health policy article on how England and Germany inspired medical device perspectives in Europe in the July-August 2016 issue of ISPOR's Value & Outcomes Spotlight. More

  • Xcenda Supports AMCP Nexus 2016 in National Harbor, MD

    September 2016 | Xcenda will be in National Harbor, MD for AMCP Nexus 2016. Our consultants will demonstrate their real-world perspective on the issues that matter most to managed care pharmacy. Meet payer marketing professionals and join global HEOR consultants for scientific poster presentations. More

  • Xcenda to Present Live Webinar on Real-world Evidence on Commercialization Plans

    August 2016 | Join Dr. Mike Eaddy and Patricia Wolfangel for a complimentary webinar that explores the critical role and impact of RWE on product life-cycle management from concept through post-launch. Insights will be provided on use of RWE to demonstrate product value, as well as best practices to ensure decision-makers receive data in a timely and actionable format. More

  • Tommy Bramley Shares Insights with FiercePharma

    August 2016 | Manufacturers today are going “beyond the pill” and incorporating digital health technologies into treatments. Our very own, Tommy Bramley, President of Xcenda, shares insights with FiercePharma about the benefits of better demonstrating the clinical and economic value of digital health technologies to payers. More

  • Xcenda Unveils New Service Offerings to Enhance Manufacturers' Market Access Strategies for Specialty Products

    July 2016 | Xcenda, a part of AmerisourceBergen, announced today the addition of several new service offerings designed to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers in a highly complex, value-driven environment. Leading the way in providing these additional client services is Xcenda’s new president, Thomas Bramley, PhD, RPh, who has helped grow the organization from a health economics and outcomes research firm to a global leader in commercialization support. More

  • Tap Into Xcenda's Global Market Access Network (GMAN) Advisors

    July 2016 | Looking for local expertise on global market access and reimbursement issues? Learn more about how you can tap into insights from Xcenda's Global Market Access Network (GMAN) Advisors in Vienna, Austria. More

  • Xcenda Leadership to Present with AMCP on FDAMA 114 Webinar

    June 2016 | Xcenda is excited to continue collaboration with AMCP as Dr. Jay Jackson, PharmD, MPH, Senior Vice President of Scientific Consulting for Xcenda, will be joining Soumi Saha, PharmD, JD, Assistant Director of Pharmacy & Regulatory Affairs at AMCP, to help deliver an industry webinar this July on FDAMA 114. More

  • Xcenda Develops Clinical and Net Health Benefit Calculator in Accordance with Latest ASCO Value Framework

    June 2016 | Xcenda has developed a new version of their value calculator application based on the latest update to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) value framework. Xcenda’s user-friendly tool is built to help users quickly, accurately, and easily assess the value of oncology products, based on the most recent ASCO framework* criteria and scoring methodology, released on May 31, 2016. More

  • Xcenda to Present Live Webinar on AMCP Format Update - Version 4.0

    May 2016 | Join our featured speakers, Evelyn Sarnes, PharmD, MPH and Kim Boswell, MD, for a complimentary webinar focusing on key updates to the AMCP Format, version 4.0. The speakers will share guidance as provided in the AMCP Format in regard to special content considerations (eg, comparative effectiveness research, companion diagnostic tests, and biosimilars) as well as logistical considerations with regard to AMCP dossiers. More

  • Xcenda's Global HEOR Team to Present at ISPOR's 21st Annual International Meeting

    May 2016 | Join Xcenda's Global HEOR consultants in Washington, DC as they demonstrate their global perspective, as well as findings from the latest evidence-based research at ISPOR's 21st Annual International Meeting from May 21-25, 2016. Meet us at booth #74/75. More

  • Xcenda Thought Leaders to Present at the 2016 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas

    April 2016 | With nearly 100 hours of seminars, educational sessions and business workshops at the 2016 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit, Xcenda thought leaders contribute the agenda with several key sessions at the Summit. More

  • Understanding the Impact of Part B Value-based Payment Models

    April 2016 | Are you prepared to adapt to the product/quality information needed for the new value-based pricing models, such as the new CMS payment approach, the Part B Drug Payment Model? Xcenda is ready to help you navigate through the uncertainty of this new shift and can effectively help you prepare for the potential changes. More

  • AmerisourceBergen Named #15 in Fortune's Best Workplaces in Healthcare

    April 2016 | AmerisourceBergen has been recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the 20 Best Workplaces in Healthcare. Xcenda, part of AmerisourceBergen, shares in the honor and excitement of this recognition. More

  • Xcenda Features Groundbreaking Research in First Interactive Poster at AMCP San Francisco

    April 2016 | Xcenda is proud to present the first ever interactive poster accepted by AMCP for digital presentation at their Annual Conference this year in San Francisco. Join us in the Annual Expo, Moscone West Center, on Thursday, April 21 at 11:45 AM–2:45 PM to experience all our exciting research. More

  • Part B Drug Payment Change: Understanding the Implications for Pharma

    March 2016 | Did you miss our webinar on the Part B Drug Payment Model? You can still view the recorded presentation. Register now to hear what insights Jennifer Snow and Amanda Forys shared on the live broadcast. Learn what strategies pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider in demonstrating product value for the future. More

  • Xcenda Contributes to Recommendations for FDA Guidance at AMCP FDAMA 114 Forum

    March 2016 | Xcenda was excited to participate in this week’s AMCP’s FDAMA 114 Forum to help develop recommendations on improving this important legislative tool. Learn more about the recommendations that were developed from this event. More

  • Xcenda Leadership at AMCP FDAMA 114 Partnership Forum

    February 2016 Xcenda is excited to be an active partner in the AMCP Partnership Forum, FDAMA 114: Improving the Exchange of Pharmacoeconomic Data, scheduled for March 1-2, 2016 in Washington, DC. More

  • Chocolate: Good for Your Health and Your Wallet

    February 2016 | Exclusive research from Xcenda's health economists finds that chocolate may indeed be a cost-effective means of addressing conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and likely reduces overall direct healthcare costs in the US. More

  • Tap Into Payer Market Insights This April in San Francisco

    January 2016 | Learn more about how you can participate at Xcenda's Managed Care Network Forum on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 in San Francisco. Get real-time, truly-interactive, qualitative and quantitative insights from up to 30 payers from across the managed care industry. More

  • Matt Sarnes Provides Insights on Payer and Pharma Relationships in PharmaVOICE

    January 2016 | Matt Sarnes, Sr. Vice President of Commercial Consulting at Xcenda, shares insights on the importance of payer and pharmaceutical manufacturers relationships. Dr. Sarnes states that having payers and pharma manufacturers on the same page early on in the development process is essential for maintaining a strong relationship. Learn more insights from Xcenda’s Matt Sarnes in the January 2016 issue of PharmaVOICE. More