Conduct research with Xcenda's advisor networks and tap into insights from the healthcare industry's most respected managed care decision makers. Learn what the most experienced oncologists, hematologists, practice managers, and oncology nurses in the United States are thinking. Collaborate with health economic experts from around the globe.

These opportunities are available to manufacturers who engage in projects with Xcenda's advisor networks. Whether you need immediate access to insights via a rapid-response survey or multi-year longitudinal market research, we can help you reach the advisors whose insights matter most.

Xcenda provides a flexible and scalable assortment of both qualitative and quantitative market research, as well as opportunities for strategic collaboration, with the industry's most engaged advisors.

Learn more about our leading networks:

Network for Oncology Communication and Research Oncologists, hematologists, mid-level providers, nurses and pharmacists
Managed Care Network Healthcare executives, medical directors, pharmacy directors, and other managed care experts, with both private and public payer experience in the United States
Global Market Access Network Local market access experts from around the globe


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We have used data collected from this method for many years and it has been very predictive of real world oncologist behavior.

- RPh, PhD
Senior Director