Managed Care NetworkXcenda's Managed Care Network (MCN) is a standing market research panel comprised of healthcare executives, medical and pharmacy directors, and other managed care experts. Participants have both private and public payer experience. 

Dr. Gene Reeder, Director

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Advisor Network Profile

Job Background

  • Includes more than 140 advisors from key payer segments and represents approximately 200 million covered lives (MCOs and IHDNs), 60 million of which are also represented by PBM/SPP perspective
  • Individuals participate as managed care leaders, not as representatives of their plans
  • On average, advisors have been with their current organization for 9 years and have 25 years in practice

Member Job Function

  • 90% P&T Committee
  • 60% Medical Policy
  • 59% Specialty Pharmacy
  • 62% Quality Improvement / Disease Management
  • 43% Technology Assessments

Plan Type Coverage

  • 54% MCO
  • 9% IHDS
  • 13% PBM
  • 1% Managed Medicaid
  • 23% Other (Specialty Pharmacy, Self-Funded Employer Group, etc.)

Member Plan Geography

  • 31% National
  • 50% Regional
  • 10% Multi-Regional
  • 9% N/A (Consultants)

Member Plan Business Lines

  • 31% Commercial and/or POS
  • 30% Commercial PPO
  • 17% Medicare Advantage / Part D / PDP
  • 12% Self-Funded Employer Group
  • 8% Managed Medicaid
  • 2% Other

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