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Burden of illness

Manufacturers who need to understand and / or demonstrate the burden of diseases and technologies to key stakeholders can turn to Xcenda for reliable and impactful data. We provide customized solutions and are able to assess the clinical, economic and humanistic burden of diseases from multiple perspectives. We rely on proven methodologies and practical knowledge and experience to generate evidence that is useful in the marketplace.

Comparative safety

Xcenda's data partnerships allow customers to retrospectively and prospectively capture safety and effectiveness data for treatments and interventions of interest. National and regional adverse events data can be used to evaluate the prevalence of events and outcomes that are generally not detectable in smaller shorter duration clinical trials. The ability to establish data registries and evaluate clinical public and proprietary safety information provides our customers an unparalleled resource to conduct comparative safety research. 

Incidence and prevalence

Our staff of health economists, statisticians and data analysts can provide manufacturers with dependable prevalence and incidence estimates for diseases and treatments. Data derived from these studies can be valuable in determining the burden of clinical events and can also be leveraged to identify market opportunities within sub-populations. Xcenda's internal assets and strategic partnerships allow incidence and prevalence studies to be conducted in a variety of specialty and oncology markets.