Overcome barriers to patient access. Add "feet on the street" with Xcenda.

Xcenda’s experienced field reimbursement professionals will expand your reach and complement your internal team. From national teams to a single individual, we tailor our support to drive your brand's patient access goals. 

Partner with Xcenda and realize 3 key benefits:


Xcenda's contract staff includes former practice administrators, account managers, government affairs managers, district sales managers, certified coders, and pharmacists. Each associate typically has 10 years of experience.


Highly trained contract personnel integrate seamlessly into your team. Contract staff members can be part time, full time, or hourly, and are based in the field, at your location, or at Xcenda. Your team directs contract staff to the key accounts that require the most attention.


Within 6 to 12 weeks, your contracted team is in the market, helping you meet real-time business needs. By adding field reimbursement managers to your patient access program, you will maximize the impact of your patient access programs from day one of launch. And know you can efficiently reduce staff when your needs change.

Complement your field teams with our experts:  

Field Reimbursement Specialists

Deliver reimbursement support at sites of care across the country so physicians and office staff understand how to overcome patient access barriers.

Provider Educators

Develop legally compliant education programs that distinguish your brand. We use policy and reimbursement experts, professionals who have real-world experience in all sites of care and understand the challenges providers and practice managers face, to deliver these programs to your key stakeholders.

Outsourced Managed Care Account Executives

Establish and maintain relationships with key managed care accounts with an experienced and credible resource to managed care decision-makers in the delivery of disease burden information, product value messages, clinical/economic data, and contracting guidelines.


The Field Reimbursement Specialist was remarkably professional, informative, and engaging. The practice was extremely impressed! Thanks to you, they are better prepared to overcome the reimbursement issues that impact them every day.

- Executive Representative, Hospital Products,
Large Pharma