Overcome barriers to patient access with field reimbursement professionals.

We offer turnkey and customized contract staffing services. Our highly skilled reimbursement professionals are available to:

  • Support product launches and new indications
  • Fulfill long-term engagements
  • Meet short-term needs to cover temporary gaps in staffing
  • Work side-by-side with your existing team to fill geographic gaps
  • Provide training for your field reimbursement associates or other staff

From national teams to individuals, we tailor our support to drive your brand's patient access goals.

  • Shanna Barnes, MHA

    on Field Reimbursement 101: best practices to overcome barriers to patient access.

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  • Shanna Barnes, MHA

    on optimizing your investment in field reimbursement: tips for implementation.

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Contract Field Reimbursement professionals are trained to: 

  • Reduce pending, delayed, and denied claims by delivering training to a provider’s entire office staff. Provider staff turnover is alarmingly high, and many people besides the physician can impact patient access

  • Remove most barriers to patient access by educating providers on local and regional payer issues, coding changes, appropriate claim submission, and correct utilization of patient assistance programs

  • Improve OIG compliance by allowing sales representatives to focus on the clinical sell and not on reimbursement issues. Questions from providers are answered quickly and accurately because sales representatives have a singular point of contact for all reimbursement support needs

  • Provide strategic insight into how policy or contract changes could impact your product and what steps you can take to maintain or improve patient access

  • Develop and implement health policy strategies with core advocacy groups. Create and execute detailed action plans for lobbying activities, and work with clients’ contracted lobbyists, corporate, and Political Action Committee (PAC) resources