Why Contract HEOR professionals from Xcenda?

Tap into Xcenda's experienced HEOR consultants and benefit from unparalleled flexibility to support your next global initiative or product launch. Flexible contract arrangements support:

  • Unexpected new projects
  • Short-term internal staffing gaps
  • Full-time or long-term hiring freezes
  • Field-based product value presentations to payers

The Ultimate HEOR Bench

Xcenda health economists empower a pharmaceutical company to connect with payers.

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Xcenda HEOR professionals hit the ground running to support your most critical priorities.

  • Analyze the evidentiary needs of global stakeholders

  • Generate a data-driven pharmacoeconomic strategy with credible evidence to demonstrate the value of your product

  • Develop burden of illness, budget impact, and cost-effectiveness economic models and demonstrate these tools in the field with payers

  • Develop AMCP / global dossiers, formulary kits, and outcomes research strategies that will differentiate products based on value

  • Develop publications strategy, create posters and publications that communicate findings from relevant studies, and extend the reach of your research via live meetings with payers in the field

  • Conduct detailed and comprehensive literature reviews

  • Monitor changes in national, state, and local legislative and reimbursement policies and identify implications to market access

  • Rigorously analyze data sources including clinical trials, insurance claims, and registries

  • Conduct retrospective database analyses, chart reviews, and prospective studies

  • Conduct comparative effectiveness risk assessments

  • Integrate HEOR results into managed markets field tools and market access programs

  • Meet with payers and communicate your product's clinical safety and efficacy data, as well as its financial impact and cost effectiveness

  • Use health economic data to inform strategic recommendations related to pricing

  • Develop and deliver HEOR presentations to internal and external stakeholder

  • Developing product and pipeline strategy

  • Serving as your right hand by attending interdepartmental meetings

Turn to Xcenda for guidance on the most effective methodologies to generate health economic evidence that payers will find credible; including data that will demonstrate a product’s impact on the total cost of care. We help our clients develop strategies to create and communicate a credible and effective product value story to payers, in the US and within specific countries throughout the world.