Turn to Xcenda, a global leader in both the development of economic models and new modeling methodologies. We design credible, transparent, and user-friendly economic models that Payers trust. Benefit from our experience - we've developed nearly 200 economic models and applied our experience in more than 50 therapeutic areas within the past decade.

Partner with us - Rely on our expertise

  • Xcenda simplifies complex disease states and methodologies (including Markov models)

  • Xcenda understands the broad application of Section 114 as it relates to the development and deployment of economic models

  • Xcenda's models include enhanced graphics, navigation, and macros that help account managers more effectively demonstrate burden of disease and/or a product's economic value proposition

  • Payers recognize Xcenda as a source of scientifically credible and methodologically sound models that are also easy to use

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After completing the development of an economic model, our multidisciplinary team is optimally positioned to continue supporting manufacturers:

Which Economic Model Do You Need?

Cost-effectiveness models

Leverage your product's value story with the development of a cost-effectiveness model in Excel or TreeAge. Cost-effectiveness models compare the value of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, procedures, or diagnostics by quantifying the cost per unit of effectiveness. More expensive and more effective products can be shown to provide good value for the money. Xcenda's modeling team can design and develop a model to support your product's unique value story.

We have experience developing everything from simple decision tree models to complex Markov models. We can also assist you in developing a strategy to communicate your product's value story through presentations and publication of abstracts, posters, and manuscripts.

Budget impact models

If you have a new drug coming to market (or a new indication), then you need an AMCP dossier and a budget impact model. Budget impact models quantify the cost of a new drug to managed care payers. Xcenda's modeling team can help you design a budget impact model that captures all the economic benefits of your product, including reduced administration costs, medical cost offsets, and reductions in adverse event rates.

We can meet your timeline requirements for Excel budget impact models for use in your dossier, complete with enhanced graphics, navigation, and macros to provide payers a credible and user-friendly model.

Disease burden models

If you are first to market in a disease state that payers know little about, then you need a disease burden model to quantify the clinical and economic burden of the disease. Xcenda's modeling team can help you put a disease on the radar screen of payers by showing them the full economic costs associated with the disease. These costs represent the potential economic benefits due to the introduction of improved therapies to treat the disease.

We can help you publish the results from a disease burden model to communicate the existing clinical and economic burden of the disease and the potential benefits of therapy through the publication of abstracts, posters, and manuscripts.