Turn to Xcenda for a deeper understanding of the approval and decision-making processes related to coverage, reimbursement, and pricing in both established and emerging markets.

Xcenda helps market access decision makers understand how HTA agencies make coverage decisions and which types of value evidence are most meaningful. From cost-effectiveness and direct comparisons to clinical value, safety, and quality of life, Xcenda helps global market access teams prepare by developing product value evidence that decision makers in each local market find most relevant.

How do we do it?

Our insights and strategic recommendations help global market access teams make informed decisions as they navigate complex and dynamic markets. And our consulting services provide the support market access teams require: 

Research, Advisory Boards, & Focus Groups

HEOR Strategy

  • HEOR tactical planning
  • Phase 2 to P3 health outcomes measures
  • Phase 3b to P4 planning and implementation

Medical Communications

Evidence Generation

Turn to Xcenda to implement evidence-based strategies that utilize health economics and outcomes research to drive results in the real world. Explore a case study and find out how Xcenda helped a manufacturer develop a global health economic strategy for a promising new product.

Oncology Teams: Expand Market Access with Xcenda

Capturing a Broader Perspective

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Our citation archive includes peer-reviewed articles and posters presented at national and international conferences.