In 2002, Xcenda pioneered the first Outcomes Analyzer. Since then, we've developed Outcomes Analyzers for products used in numerous therapeutic areas including asthma, mental health, diabetes, anti-TNF, and pain treatment. Turn to Xcenda for innovative payer field tools that demonstrate your company's commitment to quality patient care.

How does an Outcomes Analyzer work?

Users directly upload their own medical and pharmacy claims data, which the analyzer uses to generate plan-specific reports related to patient care and cost.

Payers, Physician Groups, and Employers use Outcomes Analyzers to:

  • Compare utilization patterns and quality to national data
  • Generate disease awareness and physician education with limited analytic resources
  • Identify areas for targeted interventions (provider reports)
  • Generate local evidence to demonstrate differences among available therapies

Manufacturers whose payer account manager teams experience persistent challenges with customer access often find that Outcomes Analyzers are effective field tools that exceed customer expectations.

Turn to Xcenda for Flexible Design

Clients can choose from either Xcenda's core Outcomes Analyzer or optional capabilities modules and consulting services. These optional components increase the software's functionality and integrate the Outcomes Analyzer more fully into your managed markets strategy.

Additional functionality includes but is not limited to:

  • Pay-for-performance analysis
  • Benchmarking and best practice analysis
  • Prescriber measure analysis

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