Turn to Xcenda for unique quality improvement programs that differentiate products and provide value to manufacturers, payers, providers, and patients by increasing access to care. Quality improvement programs are particularly relevant for manufacturers commercializing high-cost specialty products or treatments for heavily genericized indications. In a marketplace increasingly demanding more comparative evidence of high-cost treatments and heavily genericized indications, health outcomes or economic evaluations of a disease state within specific populations (managed care, physicians, employers) differentiate products to command market access.

Xcenda's quality improvement programs range from traditional partnerships (eg, education programs, interventions) to outcome performance measurement.

Quality Improvement Programs


Highlights of Xcenda's experience

  • Reviewed more than 370,000 patient charts in 12 therapeutic areas, including diabetes, osteoporosis, pain management, and oncology

  • Conducted Quality Partnership Programs™ with 19 payers, resulting in 7 peer-reviewed articles, 7 podium presentations, and 23 posters

  • Developed more than 15 unique Outcomes Analyzers since 2002 in various therapeutic categories

  • Since 2008, completed 12 retrospective EMR-based studies with a large multi-site oncology practice, currently with 4 ongoing studies

  • Collected patient-reported data for a phase 4 study of more than 600 patients with type 2 diabetes

  • Captured 100% web-based patient- and physician-reported data in a prospective study of individuals with cervical dystonia

  • Surveyed more than 100 solid organ transplant centers in the US

How can you use quality improvement programs?

  • Support brand and managed markets strategies
  • Increase pharma, biotech, and device company collaboration with payers and providers
  • Support a product's value proposition
  • Improve patient care
  • Develop Outcomes Analyzer™ software tools to provide detailed information about trends and outcomes in a health plan's own population

Each client's quality improvement program is unique. Based on each client's individual needs, Xcenda brings together the appropriate stakeholders, designs an appropriate research methodology, and creates a dissemination plan to be successful.