The payer paradigm is shifting to one that is focused on defining value as the balance of cost and quality. And quality measures ensure that performance and outcomes matter. Turn to Xcenda in this evolving environment of value-based decision making for evidence that demonstrates the clinical impact of products, the link to quality measures, and how these will drive the future of product life cycle planning.

For manufacturers, this shift to a value-based decision-making environment means that in addition to traditional negotiations on price, the clinical impact of products and how they tie to quality measures becomes critical.

Given the number of external stakeholders, “quality” can be extremely overwhelming, particularly when it comes to demonstrating the value of your product and its direct effect on the quality outcomes that matter most to your customers.

Xcenda is ready to help you navigate through the policies and measures that affect your products and can help you develop a Quality Strategy that meets your customers’ needs in this evolving environment of payment reform.

Strategic Offerings

  • Quality Planning Road Maps
  • Quality Planning Workshops
  • Therapeutic Area Quality Task Forces
  • Partnering With Quality Organizations
  • Partnership with Payers and Providers on Quality
  • Metric Development

Tactical Offerings

  • Landscape Assessment and Monitoring of Measures and Metric
  • Quality and Pharmacoeconomic Evidence Generation
    - Medicare Penalty Economic Modeling
    - Quality-Focused Retrospective Database Studies
  • Triple Aim-Focused Value Proposition Development
  • Quality Market Research
  • Metric and Program Public Comment Opportunities
  • Field Training and Internal Education
  • Payment Reform and Quality Workshops

Contact the Xcenda Quality Strategy & Tactics team to talk about shifting the discussion from price to value—and the increasing role quality will play in your product life cycle planning.

Michelle L. Friedman, MPH
Associate Director, Global Health Economics
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Jennifer Snow, MPH
Director, Health Policy
Work: 202.740.0072