Turn to Xcenda for Retrospective Database Analyses that generate real-world evidence to support a product's clinical or economic value proposition. We've helped manufacturers prove disease burden, better adherence, fewer hospitalizations, reduced physician visits, and superior safety profiles. 

Prove utilization patterns and clinical outcomes

  • Understand treatment patterns
  • Illustrate adherence to medications
  • Identify the burden of a disease
  • Demonstrate the cost of a disease state or treatment 
  • Evaluate comparative clinical outcomes

What type of study do you need?

Customer-based Research

Xcenda conducts health outcomes or economic evaluations of a disease state within specific populations (managed care, physicians, employers). Customer-based partnerships range from the traditional (education programs, interventions) to outcome performance measurement. Learn more.

Compliance and Adherence Assessments

Xcenda has conducted compliance and adherence assessments in over 15 different therapeutic classes. Our practical experience combined with a strong methodological approach ensures that results are reliable, valid, and effectively communicated. We are expertly experienced in time-to-discontinuation analyses, gap segmentation, and more traditional medication possession ratio assessments.

Analysis of Treatment and Population Trends

Manufacturers that desire to understand real-world market dynamics and trends can turn to Xcenda for timely and actionable data. We identify the most appropriate data source to assess the trends you need to develop strategic and tactical plans, create field-based tools, and identify gaps and opportunities in the current pattern of care.

Economic and Resource Utilization Analysis

Xcenda is extremely qualified to evaluate the economic implications of pharmaceuticals, devices, and biologics. What makes Xcenda unique is the ability to capture and analyze resource consumption and costs from multiple perspectives, providing a comprehensive view of utilization patterns. As an independent provider of data analytics, we have the ability to offer clients multiple data solutions selected by the unique needs of your product.

Effectiveness Studies

The ability to differentiate products through credible and meaningful effectiveness data is imperative in today's competitive marketplace. Xcenda has conducted numerous effectiveness studies that assess clinical measures (hypertension, cholesterol, disease-free progression, and survival) and utilization outcomes (hospitalizations, emergency department use, nursing home placement, and disability).