Developing a compendia strategy is a key step to understanding appropriate patient access to needed treatments for non-labeled indications. Because Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers may refer to the compendia when making coverage decisions, a positive or a negative listing can have a significant impact on whether a product is covered, thus ultimately affecting prescribing decisions and patient access.

Compendia Significantly Used to Facilitate Access in Both Oncology and Non-oncology Products

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Compendia-related consulting services include:

Compendia Benchmarking Analysis

  • Provide a landscape overview of the key compendia and their related review processes, including a discussion of compendia rating systems and their translation to coverage and reimbursement
  • Assesses comparator products for compendia listings (indications, ratings, recommendations) relative to the target product for competitive insight
  • Establish the foundation for a Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking Analysis

  • Provide an assessment of current compendia evidentiary thresholds that are cited within the compendia specific to the therapeutic area of interest by evaluating comparator products to benchmark data requirements
  • Conduct a thorough clinical literature review of comparator products to identify benchmarks (eg, study design, drugs and dosages, eligibility criteria, primary and secondary endpoints, primary and secondary efficacy, safety, and journal publications)
  • Establish the foundation for a Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

  • Provide an assessment of the target product’s clinical trial literature within its therapeutic area and compares the data to the evidentiary thresholds obtained in the Benchmarking Analysis
  • Evaluate the evidence level, strength of endpoints, and outcomes as available for the target product’s use relative to compendia benchmarks for comparator products
  • Provide recommendations regarding any identified informational gaps, differences in clinical data and supporting information, and compendia submission planning strategy
  • Establish the foundation for a Submission PackageSubmission Package

Submission Package

  • Draft narratives to compendia of interest requesting the addition of a recent FDA-approved indication for the target product
  • Draft narratives to compendia of interest for accepting an off-label use supported by sufficient and appropriate evidence
  • Draft requests to compendia of interest for overturning unfavorable listings


  • Track and monitor compendia listings of the target product and comparator products to evaluate for updates to uses and the planning of future studies

Payer Utilization & Trends Analysis

  • Conduct payer-specific research to understand how insurers (e.g. Medicaid plans and/or private payers)  utilize compendia for coverage determinations
  • Provide recommendations toward targeted compendia outreach strategies as needed based on research conducted and trends identified

With a specialized team of compendia consultants and dozens of completed projects through partnerships with various manufacturers, Xcenda has the expertise to provide strategic and tactical support to compendia planning objectives. Start a conversation.