Effective Payer Segmentation: Keys for Optimizing Product Coverage and Access

Xcenda’s Reimbursement Strategy and Tactics (RST) team can help develop an effective payer segmentation to guide strategies for optimizing product coverage and access. A methodical and refined approach to defining and engaging with payer customers is integral to launching a new product or preparing for changes, like a new indication or entrance of a competing therapy.

Our team has the experience to help clients identify the current reimbursement and access environment for individual products or map out dynamics across a therapeutic area over time and formulate a meaningful segmentation analysis, which will ultimately assist in developing an action-oriented strategic plan that supports differential payer engagement tactics.

Xcenda can complete necessary payer research to identify specific payer dynamics, such as utilization management requirements and payer behavioral characteristics, or can use existing client data sources to develop a segmentation analysis which will help: 

  • Guide and target payer engagement, including assessing proactive vs reactive contracting dynamics
  • Identify opportunities for and uncover threats to market access
  • Understand which interventions are best employed at which payer accounts
  • Identify those accounts where the desired traction would require unreasonable investment of resources
  • Develop an actionable account plan that prioritizes the deployment of account teams and makes the most of the investment of valuable client assets