Are you drowning in data but starving for insight? 

Xcenda consultants are experts in understanding the market challenges that specialty and oncology pharmaceuticals face. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians, payer experts, reimbursement strategists, and health outcomes researchers transform stakeholder insights into strategies to guide both clinical development and commercialization decisions during all phases of the product life cycle. 

Partner with Xcenda to unlock your brand's potential: 

  • Understand what drives clinical decision making
  • Uncover leading indicators of practice behavior
  • Know what evidence is required to drive payer coverage decisions

Integrated Market Research and Multidisciplinary Analyses

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Xcenda provides PhRMA-compliant data collection methodologies to support both product teams, brand teams, and market research professionals. We utilize a broad range of market research methodologies, from longitudinal market research to a 1-page web survey to identify and track the decision-making trends that impact manufacturers most. 

Strategies to advance every area of commercial planning:

  • Identify key endpoints and/or value drivers that determine formulary positioning

  • Assess provider reimbursement challenges, including feedback on patient and provider support programs and educational tools that manufacturers provide

  • Study patients' reasons for discontinuation and their awareness of unbranded patient adherence materials

Partner with our advisors

Quickly capture feedback on unexpected or time-sensitive issues. Reach the sought-after and engaged advisors who participate in our leading networks.

  • PayerPulse – rapid response web survey to uncover payer insights from MCN members
  • ProviderPulse – web-based on-demand research tool from advisors in the Global Provider Insights Network
  • Virtual Tumor Cases – web-based case presentation with input from Global Provider Insights Network advisors on treatment options
  • Advisory boards – networks of providers, manufacturers and payers

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    Your team has been phenomenal to work with; excellent recruitment, excellent moderator…. Dr. Green did a great job of engaging everyone. This is one of the best, if not THE best, advisory boards I’ve ever attended.

    - Large Pharma
    Vice President