Partner with Xcenda to build a condition-specific panel and get inside the minds of patients. We’ll uncover credible insights from qualitative and quantitative research, and recommend real-world strategies to unlock your brand’s commercial potential.

Condition-specific patient panels may be manufacturer-exclusive or multi-client subscriber based.

Turn to Xcenda for:

  • Recruitment, screening, and qualification of participating patients
  • Managing routine participant communications and periodic profile surveying
  • Timely and compliant processing of honoraria payments
  • Qualitative investigations
  • Quantitative evaluations

Research can be double-blinded or blinded to the manufacturer. And as we realize manufacturers sometimes require different partners for specific projects, once a patient panel is established, research may be fielded by Xcenda or a vendor of your choosing.    

Gain insight into the patient perspective to support decision making at every stage of the product life cycle. 

Benefit from our experience in the following areas:

  • Patient population estimates
  • Patient segmentation
  • Product attribute assessments
  • Brand name research
  • Concept testing
  • Packaging related research
  • Determining relevance of clinical data
  • Understanding price and reimbursement (out of pocket) burden
  • Pre and post launch positioning or repositioning studies
  • Messaging development
  • Materials testing
  • Identifying preferred information channels
  • Pre and Post launch awareness
  • Monitoring awareness, trial, use and satisfaction
  • Determining awareness/usefulness of patient persistency materials