Turn to Xcenda for insights and analyses to guide clinical development and commercial strategies.

Engage with Xcenda, the leader in payer strategy and payer market research, and benefit from the continuity of collaborating with one team as your product matures from Phase II, Phase III, through launch, and when generic competition threatens.

We offer year-round, flexible, scalable, and legally compliant opportunities for manufacturers to gather payer insights and collaborate with payer KOLs on strategic projects. Our clients benefit from efficient access to Managed Care Network, a standing market research panel that includes medical and pharmacy directors, healthcare executives, and other managed care experts who collectively represent approximately 200 million covered lives. 

Gain feedback and strategic insights related to:

  • New products or indications and emerging data
  • Test or validate value propositions and new or existing messages
  • Better understand reimbursement barriers and evidentiary requirements
  • Gain early and ongoing feedback on clinical trials and outcomes research designs
  • Assess opportunities and threats from competitor products
  • Identify key endpoints and/or value drivers that determine formulary positioning
  • Test/demonstrate economic models, outcomes analyzers, & managed markets field tools
  • Understand the impact of changing market dynamics
  • Identify gaps or unmet needs
  • Test and assess product value arguments

Customize our intelligence gathering to fit any scope:

Services included in your managed markets engagement:

  • Discussion guide design or other strategic content support
  • Collaboration on selection of advisors
  • Advisor recruitment and management
  • Pre-meeting survey
  • Skilled moderators with decades of experience
  • On-site meeting management including venue and logistics management
  • Pre- and post-meeting strategic analysis
  • Executive summary with strategic insights
  • Advisor post-meeting follow-up/payment in accordance with healthcare compliance requirements
  • Audience response system (ARS) technology that collects the most actionable data with the highest accuracy level and optimizes opportunities for productive dialogue by immediately sharing advisor feedback

Learn how Xcenda's in-depth analyses can enrich your managed markets strategy.