Mutual trust and common goals are the foundation for effective partnerships, including those Xcenda has built with the procurement teams whose work supports our manufacturer clients.  For nearly two decades, Xcenda has nurtured long-term partnerships that deliver real-business-benefits to procurement’s internal customers. And by developing partnerships that drive both businesses forward, more patients benefit from appropriate access to life saving therapies.

Reframing Cost v. Value for Pharmaceutical Procurement Leaders

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Procurement decision makers appreciate Xcenda’s portfolio of consulting services because they help manufacturers exceed market requirements for outcomes evidence and reimbursement support. As a result, internal teams are more efficient and effective at bringing providers and payers the information they require to guide treatment and coverage decisions.  And in a dynamic market where all stakeholders must quickly understand how policy changes impact business decisions, Xcenda’s ongoing investment in regulatory surveillance and associate compliance training, minimizes risk.

When evaluating a strategic consulting partner, consider the following:

Compare the Right Criteria

  • The service portfolio
  • The areas and depth of the consultants’ expertise
  • The years of experience and track record
  • The firm’s credibility as demonstrated by their leadership within key industry organizations
  • Staffing models
  • How the firm applies technology to support business goals
  • The firm's attitude toward innovation

In addition to evaluating written responses to RFPs/RFIs and bill rate schedules, meeting with vendors and getting to know their people helps your team better understand the firm’s capabilities, and the value of their systems.

How Well Does Your Partner Know You?

Because Xcenda knows our customers’ internal systems (ie PRC and MRC), we work more collaboratively and efficiently with a manufacturer’s internal teams. Our expertise spans the clinical and commercial sides of the business and our support stretches from the US to established and emerging markets around the world. 

Xcenda brings more than content expertise and market knowledge. We know how to work hand in hand with internal teams to facilitate the necessary levels of approval more quickly, so materials get to market sooner, and our clients’ brands capture a strategic advantage.

Focus on Compliance

Evaluate a vendor’s attitude toward compliance. In doing so, procurement teams will be more informed as they consider the level of risk involved in making their decisions and supplier recommendations. Consider examining:

  • The firm's standard processes
  • The training they require of their associates
  • Their understanding of industry requirements.

Xcenda cultivates a compliance driven culture. This translates into a proactive attitude, and a focus on quality. Our associates are consistently trained and have access to best-in-class technology.

The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

Because many consulting firms are capable of completing tactical deliverables, procurement teams are often inclined to compare one firm’s hourly rate and/or project price to another. Yet, consider how internal customers measure quality and how they define value.  How does the perception of quality change when measuring the inclusion of meaningful and actionable strategic recommendations coupled with a tactical deliverable?

The most knowledgeable and experienced consultants, such as those at Xcenda, produce strategic recommendations that complement tactical deliverables. So our manufacturer clients maximize the impact of their purchasing power.  And while it can be challenging to put a price on quality, it’s equally difficult to measure the true, long-term impact of poor quality.

Maximize the Purchasing Dollar

Evaluate the firm’s capacity to offer services that support a product as it advances from clinical development through product maturity. Xcenda’s areas of expertise, and our related portfolio of services, are strategically aligned to support a manufacturer’s changing needs.  And our client-focused staffing model makes it easier for consultants to seamlessly transfer their product knowledge, their therapeutic-specific market insights, and their awareness of the customer’s key objectives to each new project.

Because Xcenda’s services support a product as it moves through the life cycle, we partner with diverse teams within the manufacturer’s organization, teams who often have limited contact with one another. Yet Xcenda creates productive connections between internal functions, increasing efficiency every step of the way. We help to ensure everyone has appropriate access to:

  • Product knowledge
  • Therapeutic-specific market insights
  • The brand’s value drivers, messages, and tools

Listen to the Voice of Internal Business Partners

Seek input from internal business partners and trust the value they place on the consultant’s knowledge.  A consultant’s product is “knowledge”, something which cannot be evaluated solely based on an hourly rate or assigned titles. Xcenda emphasizes the importance of long-term partnerships because we know from experience that both parties realize greater value through collaboration.