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Driven to find out why

As recognized value experts, we challenge the way things have always been done by gathering evidence and applying insights in compelling new ways to deliver practical solutions that maximize product access. 

Intellect meets integrity 

We apply unparalleled industry knowledge, decades of therapeutic experience, and valuable stakeholder insights to distinguish and differentiate our clients' brands. Whether it’s working on a product launch strategy or developing a disease-awareness campaign, our team of scientists and clinicians, health policy analysts, reimbursement experts, and communications specialists apply health economics and outcomes research to help you develop a compelling total value proposition and successfully commercialize your product. 
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Access an unmatched bench of industry experts

Consultants working at a table
Our team is comprised of PhD health economists, clinicians — PharmDs, RNs, and MDs — as well as former managed care decision makers, former practice administrators, experienced brand strategists, and award-winning creative minds.
Consultants working at a table

A history of innovative thinking

Xcenda’s story began more than two decades ago when founder Robert Mauch had a revelation: 
applying health outcomes evidence to clearly prove a therapy's worth and demonstrate its value. It was breakthrough thinking then, and our team carries on that tradition of breaking through barriers today. 

Dr. Mauch had an equally innovative concept when it came to building a world-class culture. Trust in people’s talents. Create an inclusive environment that energizes and rewards fresh ideas. Give back to your community. Encourage collaboration. And above all else, deliver your best. More than two decades later, Xcenda still applies these core principles in everything we do. 

Our world of expertise starts at the local level.

We understand the nuances of operating in complex and emerging markets. With hundreds of experts across the globe, our team is ready to provide the local knowledge and market intelligence you need to guide your product from early development to post-launch.  
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A culture of caring

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What would the world be like if more patients had access to life-saving therapies? What would it be like to design better communication and distribution pathways between physicians, pharmacists and payers? Our exceptional team is powered by talented, distinctive perspectives and an inclusive culture that helps shape healthcare delivery in an environment where revolutionary ideas are always welcome. 

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