Exchange Information with Thousands of Payers 

Connect with the largest active online payer community in the US to share information throughout your product's lifecycle.


Maximize Brand Visibility

FormularyDecisions is a secure, online platform facilitating the bi-directional exchange of information between life sciences companies and over 2,100 qualified, active healthcare decision-makers. From pre-approval to post-launch, get unrivaled insight into what payers think of your product and those of your competitors, and gain feedback to better inform your market access strategies. 

Keep Payers Informed Throughout Your Product's Lifecycle

By sharing product information at pre-, peri- and post-approval stages, you can give healthcare decision-makers the information they're looking for and differentiate your product from the competition. Learn how FormularyDecisions can keep you front-of-mind with active payers through this innovative online platform. 

Deliver What Payers Want... When They Want It

Payers are asking for product information earlier and earlier in the development process to guide their formulary planning and budget forecasting.  Utilize FormularyDecisions to provide the materials payers need, when they need it to increase product awareness. 

68% of Payers Aren't Getting the Information They Need