Rare Diseases and Orphan  Products

Is payer scrutiny impacting access to your orphan drug? 

Your dedication and investment to help patients facing rare diseases is one we are especially proud to support. Your commitment to creating unique therapies is inspiration for our equally unique insights and capabilities to address the complex educational, access and reimbursement challenges orphan drugs face.  Take a moment to learn more about the ways we may be able to partner with you.
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Orphan Drugs: Five Ways to Prove Product Value

Even manufacturers of the most innovative treatments for rare diseases have to demonstrate value to a multitude of stakeholders. In this ebook, we explore how to prove product value in ways that matter most to payers, patients and providers. You'll learn: 1. Why creating a community for patients is critical.  2. How to educate and support physicians early.  3. Ways to overcome access barriers with evidence.  4. The importance of investing in patient support programs.  5. Channel strategy considerations for commercialization success. Get the insights you need to get your product to the patients who need it most.
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Helping your most specialized populations – an Xcenda analysis

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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a devastating, muscle-wasting disease  affecting only a small number of mostly adolescent males. However, discussions on evidentiary requirements, pricing, and access of pharmaceuticals are making international headlines. While there is no cure for DMD, a few treatments have reached advanced clinical development. Eteplirsen, ataluren, and deflazacort have garnered extensive media coverage related to appraisal and market access. Join our experts as they examine ways to sustain investment to ensure affordability for all stakeholders including patients, prescribers, payers, and society.
Young man's hand controlling motorized wheelchair

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