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Our expertise and inter-disciplinary approach to value assessment frameworks offer incomparable custom solutions from a multi-stakeholder perspective. Whether you are looking for strategic market intelligence and access or leading policy experts, our consultants have direct pharmaceutical experience, strong payer relationships, and the knowledge to educate and advise senior leadership teams. 

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Only 7 percent of employees said their company is ready to adapt to the product and quality information needed for new value-based pricing models. 

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Value Assessment Frameworks

Some frameworks may undermine personalized medicine 

A new study authored by Xcenda finds that many value assessment frameworks still make sweeping conclusions about the economic worth of a treatment based almost exclusively on population averages. As a result, frameworks could unintentionally discourage payers and providers from considering important information about a patient’s biology and preferences that can improve health outcomes.

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In light of growing competition for innovative therapies in addition to rising cost of treatments, manufacturers are pressured to demonstrate product value both clinically and economically. One leading payment model that has led such efforts to align with this objective is value-based pricing (VBP), in which financial risk is shared between manufacturers and payers. VBP has emerged as a front-runner in addressing product value by associating product prices with actual patient health outcomes. 

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