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2018 Trends-Leaning Into the Chaos

By Xcenda

What's next in the healthcare environment for 2018? Our Health Policy Weekly editors, Jennifer Snow and Scott Shields, examine key healthcare trends for 2018 in a new issue brief. Complete the form to immediately access the content.


What's next in the healthcare environment for 2018?

While 2017 started with the sense of radical possibility, it quickly dissolved into steady-state chaos. This year, we’re keen on watching several key trends as we learn to embrace and anticipate what’s next in the healthcare environment and make the most of it.And that is the difference between last year and this year. Healthcare stakeholders are taking matters into their own hands and moving forward with new ways of acknowledging value. We’ll also see more action on the state level in terms of legislation shaping coverage and access.We look forward to hearing what you think 2018 brings and to keeping you updated as it all unfolds. In the meantime, complete the form to access the issue brief.