Alopecia Areata: A disease that extends beyond physical manifestations


Approximately 700,000 people in the United States (US) are currently diagnosed or affected by alopecia areata (AA), with just under half of these patients estimated to have complete scalp or total body baldness. AA is a serious, recurring autoimmune disease that affects all ages, both sexes, and all skin types. Although symptoms range from bald patches to total hair loss, this is not simply a cosmetic issue. The converging physical and mental impact of AA often carries a lifetime burden and has a substantial cost for payers and patients.

Xcenda's white paper explores this autoimmune condition that currently does not have Food and Drug Administration approved treatments available and also looks at the impact on AA patients, both mentally and financially. We also outline the coverage policies that must occur to ensure access to FDA-approved treatments that are on the horizon, giving hope and stability to patients with AA.

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White paper

Alopecia areata: A disease that extends beyond physical manifestations