HTA Quarterly | Late Summer 2018

By Xcenda

We examine the world's second largest pharmaceuticals market as Japan shifts from a traditional reimbursement assessment. We look at new therapies for Tardive Dyskinesea.  We also review Taiwan's Center for Drug Evaluation on its 10 year anniversary.


Japan’s Ongoing Shift From a Traditional Reimbursement Assessment to a Novel Cost-Effectiveness Submission Requirement

Long considered a world leader in innovation that stretches beyond healthcare, Japan is in the midst of substantial changes that govern how novel therapies will be assessed and reimbursed now in the future. We examine the world's second largest pharmaceuticals market as Japan shifts from a traditional reimbursement assessment to a novel cost-effectiveness submission requirement.
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Assessments of Emerging Therapies for Tardive Dyskinesia

Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a medication-induced disorder that is characterized by abnormal, involuntary movements of facial muscles, extremities, and trunk, as well as respiratory movements (eg, irregular breathing rhythms). We examine the demand for effective management of TD and its evolution in the context of increasing recognition of the importance of patient-centered factors and quality-of-life considerations.
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Taiwan: 10 Years of the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) Health Technology Assessment Division

The establishment of the HTA division of Taiwan's Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) has provided the framework for Taiwan to better deliver quality care while containing costs through efficient use of resources. For the 10th anniversary of the formation of the HTA division, we review its role within the CDE and the implications for pharmaceutical market access in Taiwan.
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Heard on the Street

“Today I can provide noble Lords with the strongest possible reassurance on the UK’s commitment to implement the (Clinical Trial Regulation) CTR. If the CTR comes into force during the implementation period, as it is currently expected to do in March 2020, it will apply to the UK. If this opportunity does not come to pass, the Government will seek to bring into UK law all relevant parts of the EU regulation that are within the UK’s control.”

– Baroness Goldie, affirming the UK’s commitment to align as closely as possible with EU rules on clinical trials following Brexit.

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