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HTA Quarterly | Winter 2022

By Xcenda

In this issue, our editors examine how the new Innovative Medicines Fund offers a faster route to market for promising non-cancer drugs in the UK, learnings from the first 5 years with the Danish Medicines Council, and implications of the US’s new drug pricing law.

HTAQ 2023 biolsimilars

HTA Quarterly | Spring 2023

Navigating the road to successful biosimilar uptake in Europe – Still some way to go?

Since approval of the first biosimilar in the European Union (EU) in 2006, many European countries have introduced regulations to incentivize biosimilar uptake in order to lower spending on medicines, but the degree of implementation varies across countries. This article looks at the current status of biosimilar uptake, pricing and reimbursement considerations, incentives, and disincentives in the EU-4 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain), and the United Kingdom (UK).
italian innovation

HTA Quarterly | Spring 2023

Fifty shades of… innovativeness: The Italian job

Innovation, innovativeness, novelty: these and many other synonyms exist to describe the same concept linked to the introduction of something new. In Italy, the healthcare system has established its own rules on how to recognize and reward the innovativeness of a medicinal product, but often the outcome does not align with the rules. Here we provide insights into the decision-making process to highlight the approach needed to get the best results.

Biosimilars gears htaq

HTA Quarterly | Spring 2023

Biosimilar success in the US market landscape requires a holistic approach

In addition to a successful access and reimbursement strategy for biosimilars, understanding the regulatory environment and stakeholder incentives will be equally key to unlock biosimilars' potential.

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"Bringing down prescription drug costs doesn't just save seniors money; it cuts the federal deficit, by billions of dollars, by hundreds of billions of dollars..."
– US President Joe Biden during the State of the Union address on February 7, 2023, referring to giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices