HTA Quarterly | Winter 2020

By Xcenda

In this issue, our editors examine ICER's growing influence payer decisions making, subscription-based antibiotic programs, and the path into the German healthcare market for advanced therapy medicinal products.


ICER’s Growing Influence on Payer Decision Making: The Impact of ICER Assessments on Market Dynamics and Patient Access

While payer market research conducted by Xcenda has shown a consistent trend in the growing influence of ICER evaluations on payer decision making, the downstream impact of ICER assessments on pricing and market access is more ambiguous and requires further exploration. This article examines 2 ICER evaluations that garnered widespread media attention and describes their impacts on drug pricing and coverage.


Ushering in a New Era of Antibiotic Innovation With a Netflix-Style Subscription Payment Model

Antibiotic stewardship programs and increasing drug development costs have disincentivized manufacturers from pursuing antibiotic pipelines. As unmet need rises for novel antibiotics to treat resistant infections, innovative Netflix-style subscription payment models, which provide a consistent revenue stream regardless of utilization, are leading the way to new ideas for funding antibiotic development.
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HTA and Affordability for Innovative Therapies in Germany, Perspectives on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) Pathway

The integration of new and innovative treatments into the healthcare system is a challenge for regulatory agencies, HTA authorities as well as the manufacturers. In this article, we present the path into the German market for new state of the art treatments, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). For these products, there are exceptions to the standard procedure to consider.
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HTA by the Numbers


A recent “Gallup poll” finds only 50% of respondents are willing to be vaccinated for COVID-19 if an FDA-approved vaccine to prevent it were available at no cost. This is lowest reported willingness to be vaccinated since July, when a high of 66% reported a willingness to be vaccinated.

“The rapid development of COVID vaccines is an administration success; but they'll undermine progress if they thwart the established regulatory process for assuring safety and effectiveness. They should not shortcut these final critical steps”

— Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD said in a Op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. This comes after months of discussion of COVID-19 vaccine development coverage in the media, and as the US FDA is expected to complete the first review of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate from Pfizer in November.  
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