COVID-19 Drives Through the American Heartland

By Xcenda

While COVID-19 began as a “big city” problem, the rural share of COVID-19 unexpectedly continues to rise. The data shows that rural Americans continue to be disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Access to quality healthcare remains a challenge for rural residents. Already facing a provider shortage, more financially strained rural hospitals are on the verge of closing as a result of the pandemic. As with much of the American healthcare system, COVID-19 has shown us how close to capacity our system runs on a daily basis, and that is acutely felt in rural communities. While consumers have become accustomed to the availability of telehealth, this might just be a stopgap for many rural residents, particularly during the pandemic. The unique challenges require a multi-dimensional, population-specific approach that enables access to convenient and affordable care that improves outcomes.

In the issue brief below, Xcenda examines the unique impact of COVID-19 on rural America and offers possible solutions for expanding access to quality care for rural and underserved populations.

Long road

issue brief

Impact of COVID-19 on Rural America