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It’s the Healthcare of the Future: Telehealth Trends Beyond 2020

By Xcenda

While the shift to telehealth has gained significant momentum, virtual visits have been reimagined as a new “digital blueprint” for improved access to affordable healthcare. Skyrocketing consumer adoption for telehealth opens up a great opportunity for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies to embrace a new paradigm for patient-provider engagement and education, with the goal of improving health outcomes. However, as with many COVID-19-related issues, the upsurge in telehealth utilization poses new questions.  
In this whitepaper, Xcenda examines the key telehealth policy and regulatory updates, and offers strategies to help pharmaceutical manufacturers shift from pre-COVID market dynamics with the goal of helping patients find and maintain appropriate treatment regiments. Being vigilant with payer coverage, policy shifts, reimbursement analyses, and digital adoption will help the pharmaceutical industry adopt telehealth and propel powerful, value-driven decision making beyond 2020. 
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Embracing Telehealth Trends Beyond 2020: A Pharmaceutical Industry Guide