Xcenda Collaborates with Family Reach on Critical Issue - Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity

February 2, 2018

Xcenda consultants lent their scientific research, medical writing, and design expertise to collaborate on a white paper spearheaded by Family Reach, titled Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity and its Pervasive Effects on Patients and Families: Solving a National Health and Economic Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight.

Cancer-related financial toxicity (CRFT) is a national crisis that has wide-ranging social and clinical consequences including reduced quality of life, increased psychosocial hardship, poorer treatment adherence and decreased survival. Families fighting cancer are overwhelmed by lost income and increased out-of-pocket costs associated with treatment. As a result, they face higher mortality rates, the inability to adhere to their treatment plans, and bankruptcy. The white paper aims to highlight the importance of better mitigating CRFT for families fighting cancer.

Kristine Flemister, President of Xcenda

“Xcenda was honored when Family Reach approached us with this opportunity to collaborate on the paper. As an organization that sees the barriers and challenges of getting oncology medications to needy patients just as much as we see the exciting advancements in medical technology, we recognized this was an issue that needed attention. The fact that we could give back to the healthcare community by lending our research capabilities, industry insights, and graphic skills has been very rewarding. We hope this piece will shine a much needed light on this issue.”
Kristine Flemister, President