April 30, 2017

Matt Sarnes and Jay Jackson to Present on The Future of FDAMA 114 at Assembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

With increased scrutiny surrounding specialty drug pricing, has the demand for health economic (HE) information and real-world evidence stretched beyond the limitations of FDAMA 114?


Matt Sarnes, PharmD, Senior Vice President of Commercial Consulting, and Jay Jackson, PharmD, MPH, Senior Vice President of Scientific Consulting, will present, “The Future of FDAMA 114—How Will It Impact Access to Specialty Therapies?” at the upcoming Asembia 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas from April 30, 2017 to May 3, 2017. They will shed light on recent recommendations shared with the FDA, new research regarding payers’ requests for data, common practices and challenges in producing and sharing this information, and the emerging role of providers as they take on more economic risk for their patients.

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