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April 6, 2021

Xcenda and FormularyDecisions supports AMCP 2021 virtual

Join Xcenda at AMCP 2021  starting on Monday, April through Friday, April 16. Meet (virtually) with our commercialization experts at this year's event where the theme is “Defining managed care pharmacy's future”. 
As leaders in innovation for over 25 years, our creative, scientific minds of Xcenda have been delivering access “firsts”. We proudly launched the first reimbursement field team, developed the first outcomes analyzer, as well as the concept of the product value proposition—all by staying focused on being patient-first. Connect with us at this virtual event and we'll help you effectively navigate today’s complex healthcare landscape and help you deliver the most distinctive body of evidence that demonstrates your value story. 

Speaker highlights

AMCP 2021 Networking Session: Managed Care Hot Topic

Xcenda’s Laurie Fazio and Tasmina Hydery will be attending this networking session where the AMCP Format Executive Committee will discuss the latest on Format 4.1 and eDossier.

Since 2000, the AMCP Format for Formulary Submissions has served as the gold standard for providing industry with guidance on the communication of medical product information to healthcare decision makers for the purpose of formulary, coverage, and reimbursement decision making. Version 4.1 provides new guidance on the two-way communication between industry and payers regarding evidence and information about unapproved products and unapproved uses of approved products for which FDA approval is being sought. The new guidance represents a substantial step forward in meeting the evidentiary and informational needs of payers well before FDA approval. Join us for a review and discussion of the Format Executive Committee’s most recent updates to the AMCP Format and eDossiers.


Live FormularyDecisions Demo

Enhance your formulary decision-making process with FormularyDecisions

Join other healthcare decisions-makers to learn more about streamlining the formulary decision making process, understanding the biosimilars market, and determining the cost effectiveness of products.
We’re hosting two live demo sessions on FormularyDecisions at AMCP 2021:
  • Tuesday, April 13 – 12:30-1:00 PM ET
  • Wednesday, April 14 – 12:30-1:00 PM ET
We hope you join us! And be sure to visit our FormularyDecisions booth for a chance to win a Fitbit.
To get started now, register below to become part of this exclusive community!

Xcenda Continues Excellence in Innovative Research

Join us at the AMCP 2021 virtual conference as we are proud to present the following award-winning research at AMCP. Meet our managed markets and commercialization experts at our virtual booth.

Awarded Presentation Title Presenters
Gold Evaluation of payer-initiated oncology clinical pathways: utilization trends, development, and barriers to implementation. Annie Yan, Seth Cook
Bronze Are US Payers Getting to Grips with Cost-Effectiveness Analysis? Jackie Gladman, Janet Hughes, Michell Wendover, Paula Hilton, Allen Lising
Bronze Current and Future Payment of Cell and Gene Therapies Diane T. Smith, PhD, Ana Stojanovska, Matthew Sarnes, PharmD, Amanda O'Hora
  Trends in the Uptake and Impact of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review Value Assessment Framework in Payer Coverage Decisions From 2016 to 2020 Minha Choi, PharmD, MS; Tasmina Hydery, PharmD, MBA, BCGP; Robin Tan, PhD; Linnea Tennant, PharmD, MS, MBA
  An Update on the Budget Impact of Appropriate Low-Dose Aspirin Utilization for Primary and Secondary Cardiovascular Event Prevention in the Managed Care Setting Rashad Carlton, Barb Lennert and Annie Yan
  Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Uptake of Telehealth Services: A Survey of US Payers Chris Yost, Michael Sporck, Derek Louie, Melissa McCart
  Current and Anticipated Digital Therapeutics Payer Perspectives in the COVID-19 Era Annie Chang, Alex Kilgore, Song Lee, Ben Parcher, Barbara Carpenter, and Tim Frank