May 30, 2018

Xcenda's MCN Forum: Your Path to Payer Market Insights

Get exclusive access to payer insights at Xcenda’s 7th annual Managed Care Network (MCN) forum.

Monday, October 22, 2018 | Orlando, Florida

When you have strategic questions, feedback from payers can be key to your plans.

  • How will payers cover my pipeline product?
  • How do we improve our formulary positioning?
  • What will happen when a competitive product launches?
  • What do payers think of my HEOR strategy?
  • How will payers respond to my product’s value proposition and messages?
  • How do payers want to work with our field team?
  • Find out what payers are thinking about your most important issues.

Gain real-time, truly-interactive, qualitative and quantitative insights from up to 30 payers across the managed care industry.

Expert moderators conduct double-blinded focus groups with 3 unique groups of up to 10 payers—all in 1 day.

  • View and listen via live-stream for immediate insights
  • Communicate follow-up questions or clarifications in real time (as desired)
  • Test and improve your approach in each session

Start a conversation to learn more on how to schedule your time with this insightful group. Or contact Susan Weber at

Also ask about our additional payer research methodologies.

- Director of Medical Affairs, Large Pharma

“The forum was great. We have many to-dos as a result of what we learned. There were so many things we never knew. We had several ah-hah moments.”