June 30, 2017

Xcenda Original Research: Part D Reduces Medical Costs and Improves Access for Oncology Patients

Celgene Corporation commissioned Xcenda to analyze the impact of the Medicare prescription benefit (Part D) for oncology patients. Xcenda’s research and analysis showed that Medicare patients utilizing Part D for their oncology care are, on average, less expensive and use fewer medical services than expected. 

Key study findings include:
  • Prescriptions available to cancer patients through the Part D program have delivered greater savings to the Medicare program than estimated by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
  • Patients utilizing only Part D for their treatment used fewer inpatient services, outpatient services, and physician services
  • in 2013, medical costs for oncology patients receiving treatment under Part D only were 58% lower than what the CBO had estimated for this population ($17,831 vs $42,606)
Xcenda’s analysis suggests that prescription utilization affects the use of, and may reduce the need for, medical services for some patients. In addition, the Part D benefit facilitates access to treatments that do not require frequent visits to a doctor’s office, translating to savings to the Medicare program and higher beneficiary satisfaction.