Copay Accumulator Trends: Examining Payer Tactics to Manage Specialty Drugs

July 19, 2018

Xcenda’s Corey Ford, MHA, Director of Reimbursement Strategy and Tactics, will team up with Lash Group’s Jim Dickey, Director of Product Experience, to present a session titled, “Emerging Trends in PBM Restrictions on Commercial Copay Assistance,” at CBI's Reimbursement & Access 2018 conference on August 15 in Philadelphia. They will examine and discuss the emerging copay accumulator trends.

2018 Speaker Hightlights

CBI Reimbursement & Access | Wednesday, August 15 | 10:45 AM 

Emerging Trends in PBM Restrictions on Commercial Copay Assistance

As copay accumulator programs continue to increase, stakeholders look to understand the trends and potential steps forward. Join Corey Ford, MPH, Director of Reimbursement Strategy and Tactics, along with Jim Dickey, Director of Product Experience at Lash Group, to learn more about the evolution and advancement in payer tactics to manage specialty drugs, gauge the impact of increasing out-of-pocket expenses on patients, the increase in copay accumulator and maximum allowable models, and the impact on patients and manufacturers. 
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According to a recent Xcenda Managed Care Networks (MCN) survey:

Over 80% of health plan and PBM survey respondents said they were at least "somewhat likely" to limit copay assistance in the next 2 years. 

What strategies can you put in place to ensure access for your brand's patients? Turn to Xcenda to help you navigate this changing landscape. We have the tools and content to guide your strategies. Download our issue brief, Payer Tactics to Manage Commercial Copay Assistance Gaining Traction, and view our on-demand webinar titled, The Emergence of Copay Accumulator Programs

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As the copay accumulator model gains traction among health plan and pharmacy benefit managers, are you prepared to ensure patient access to your therapies? Contact us to set up a meeting at CBI's Reimbursement & Access conference on August 15 in Philadelphia or to start a conversation about this important patient access topic. 
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