July 9, 2020

Navigating COVID-19: : Simplifying the Path to Better Patient Outcomes (PAP 2020 Virtual Event)

Join Xcenda and Lash Group leaders at Informa's PAP 2020 - 21st Annual Patient Assistance & Access Programs Virtual Event from August 3-7, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave its mark on American life. With the U.S. unemployment rate still at one of the highest we've seen in years, many Americans have been without work for months, making it difficult for some to access and afford the therapies they need.

As the larger healthcare system looks for ways to alleviate challenges brought on by the coronavirus, patient support providers are shifting how they work with manufacturers to increase impact and provide ongoing support for patients. 

Watch a panel of experts from Xcenda and Lash Group on Monday, August 3rd, from 1:30-2:15 PM, as they offer insights on:

This live virtual event is part of Informa's 2020 Patient Assistance and Access Programs Conference.

Meet Our Experts from Xcenda and Lash Group

tommy bramley lash group
Tommy Bramley, PhD
Mark Beightol lash group
Mark Beightol
Vice President, Client Delivery
Corey Ford
Corey Ford, MHA
Director, Reimbursement & Policy Insights