October 22, 2018

Driving Global Market Access Strategy, Prospective Studies, and more at ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona

Xcenda's global HEOR experts join nearly 5,000 attendees from around the world at ISPOR Europe 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Timely topics such as global market access strategy and prospective studies will be our focus. Meet us at booth #314 to meet our team and learn how our team of associates with global reach and local expertise can help you with your goals. 

Optimizing Outcomes for Our Partners

Join us in Barcelona and learn how we can optimize your brand's access.

ISPOR Europe 2018 Poster Presentations

Xcenda's global associates are proud to contribute to ISPOR Europe 2018. From databases analyses to HTA decisions to landscape assessments of prospective real-world evidence studies, Xcenda's expertise in areas that maximize global market access strategy is demonstrated in our research contributions below. 

Meet our experts at booth #314 or visit us at the following poster times. 


Poster Session I | Monday, 12 November | 8:45–13:45

  • Feasibility of Evaluating the Burden of Β-Thalassaemia with German Claims Data
    Authors: Kathrin Borchert, Kim-Sarah Krinke, Sebastian Braun
  • The Burden of Hyperkalemia in Germany – A Claims Database Analysis
    Authors: Christopher Maas, Kim-Sarah Krinke,  Jennifer Scarlet Haas, Sebastian Braun
  • Taming the Tornado Chart: Simplifying One-Way Sensitivity Analyses for Large-Scale Multi-Parameter Models
    Authors: Ken O’Day K, Dylan Mezzio
  • 2018 Update of Health Technology Assessment Decisions for Novel Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Agents: Results, Rationale, and Trends
    Authors: Ryan Clark, Kellie Meyer, David Campbell

Poster Session II | Monday, 12 November | 15:45–19:15

  • Does a Change in Vaccination Scheme Affect Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination Adherence? Comparison of Quotas and Adherence in Mature Born Infants in Germany
    Authors: Kathrin Borchert, Sebastian Braun, Jennifer Scarlet Haas, Kim Maren Kohlscheen, Christian Jacob
  • Retrospective Healthcare Claims Data Analysis for Children/Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Receiving Second-Line Pharmacotherapy in Germany, Evaluating Patient Characteristics and Healthcare Costs
    Authors: Kathrin Borchert, Dominic Meise, Sebastian Braun
  • Pharmaceutical Treatment of Mild Alzheimer’s Disease in Germany – Results from a Delphi Panel
    Authors: Kim Maren Kohlscheen, Christian Jacob, Sebastian Braun, Thomas Mittendorf
  • Market Access for Companion Diagnostics in Oncology in the EU5 and Asia-Pacific Region
    Authors: Vishwas Agashe, Clémence Arvin-Berod, Marie-Josée Martel, Matt Sarnes

Poster Session III | Tuesday, 13 November | 8:45–13:30

  • Landscape Assessment of Prospective Real-World Evidence Studies in Europe
    Authors: Christine König, Kim-Sarah Krinke, Jennifer Scarlet Haas, Kim McLeod, Sebastian Braun

Poster Session IV | Tuesday, 13 November | 15:30–19:00

  • Health Technology Assessment Decisions for Novel Asthma Therapies: Results, Rationale, and Trends
    Authors: David Campbell, Ryan Clark, Kellie Meyer

  • Systematic Literature Review (SLR) Evaluating Quality Assessment Tools (QAT)
    Authors: Sarah M Cadarette, Luc Douyon, Padhma Ranganathan, Nicholas Ballew, Jennifer A Colby, Brett A Maiese, Samantha Slaff, Erika Wissinger, Kimberly Ruiz

Poster Session V | Wednesday, 14 November | 8:45–13:15

  • Estimating the Prevalence, and Describing the Medical History and Treatment Patterns of Patients With Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis in Germany – An Approach Using a Claims Database
    Authors: Christine König, Kathrin Borchert, Dominic Meise, Sebastian Braun
  • The Treatment of Iron Deficiency/Anaemia in Patients With Non-Dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease in Germany – A Claims Database Analysis
    Authors: Jennifer Scarlet Haas, Kathrin Borchert, Kim-Sarah Krinke, Sebastian Braun
  • Appropriate Comparator in German AMNOG Benefit Assessments in Melanoma – A Dynamic Situation
    Authors: Anne-Kathrin Claes, Corinna Templin, Nadia Italia, Susanne Kossow,  Werner Kulp
  • Diversity in Safety Data Analyses in German AMNOG Benefit Assessments for Multiple Myeloma
    Authors: Anne-Kathrin Claes, Nadia Italia, Susanne Kossow, Viola Stückemann, Werner Kulp
  • Implications of the Fast Evolving Therapeutic Landscape on Appropriate Comparators in Oncological AMNOG Benefit Assessments
    Authors: Corinna Templin, Daniela Damen, Saskia Ulrich, Werner Kulp
  • Investigation of the Association Between Incident Metformin Exposure and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis Among Diabetic Patients
    Authors: Cynthiya Ruban 
  • The Association Between Metformin Exposure and Survival Among Diabetic Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
    Authors: Cynthiya Ruban