October 8, 2020

AMCP Corporate Training - Pre-Approval Information Exchange (PIE): Implementing Pre-Approval Communication Strategies

Xcenda partners with AMCP Corporate Learning on pre-approval exchange (PIE) communication strategies. Learn more about our remote learning event on November 17 and 19.

Do you have questions about PIE? Are you curious about how your company’s PIE strategy and tactics align with the market?

If so, then join AMCP and Xcenda for a two-part, remote learning experience bringing together the nation’s renowned authorities on PIE and managed care leaders to discuss implementation strategies on pre-approval information exchange. Get first-hand insights on:

  • The data your competitors are sending payers
  • The data payers deem most valuable
  • Leveraging FormularyDecisions to compliantly create pre-launch awareness
  • Successfully integrating pre-approval dossiers into proactive communications
  • Educating internal audiences on effective pre-approval methods

The PIE Faculty for the event includes:

  • Lisa Cashman, PharmD, MedImpact & AMCP Format Executive Committee
  • Jay Jackson, PharmD, MPH, Sr. Vice President, Xcenda
  • Laurie Fazio, Head, Market Access Solutions & Growth Strategies, FormularyDecisions
  • Dana McCormick, RPh, Director of Pharmacy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Moderated by: Charlie Dragovich, Sr. Director, Market Access, Xcenda

Register here: https://www.amcp.org/piecorptraining

We hope you'll join us!

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