December 7, 2021

Xcenda's Spring 2022 Forum: Your path to payer market insights

Get exclusive access to payer insights at Xcenda’s Managed Care Network (MCN) Forum being held in late March 2022.

Our exclusive, bi-annual event is for pharmaceutical manufacturers focused on market access, commercial development, HEOR, and clinical/medical affairs and brings together a broad mix of national and regional payers/formulary decision-makers from Xcenda’s proprietary Managed Care Network.

Gain real-time, truly interactive, qualitative and quantitative insight from Xcenda's Managed Care Network (MCN) Forum

When you have strategic questions, feedback from payers can be key to inform your market access, clinical, and HEOR plans

Use the MCN Forum to get answers to questions on important topics:
  • Pipeline product coverage

  • Formulary positioning improvements
  • Competitive launch impact

  • Resonating product value messages

  • Desired field partnerships
  • Evidence requirements for access
  • Digital therapeutics coverage
  • COVID-19 uplift impact
  • Health policy impact
  • Provider influence over P&T

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To learn more on how to schedule your time with this insightful group. Or contact Martine Etschmaier. Also ask about our additional payer research methodologies.

"The forum was great. We have many to-dos as a result of what we learned. There were so many things we never knew. We had several ah-hah moments.”

- Director of Medical Affairs, Large Pharma

The Managed Care Network (MCN) Difference

Gain from the experience of our exclusive network

MCN network profile for 2022