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Ana Stojanovska

Vice President, Commercialization Strategy & Access Solutions
Biopharma Services
Ana Stojanovska, VP of Commercialization Strategy & Access Solutions leads a team that continues to grow and offer several access solutions to clients including consulting and digital solutions. Ms. Stojanovska’s team also delivers reimbursement and policy insights, market access commercialization, value & access strategy, and biopharma staffing solutions. 

Ms. Stojanovska’s experience includes developing and implementing tactical plans addressing payer benefit designs, provider perceptions, and patient needs. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation in coverage, coding, and payment initiatives throughout the product lifecycle.

Ms. Stojanovska has extensive practical knowledge in working with key stakeholders to motivate local coverage of new products by both public and private payers and providing strategic compendia analyses and ongoing coding support. She is a frequent speaker on reimbursement and access issues for public and private payers, physicians, and specialty sales representatives.

Prior to Xcenda, Ms. Stojanovska worked for a bipartisan, non-profit health policy organization in Washington, D.C., where she helped lead research, health policy analysis, media outreach, and fundraising.
Ms. Stojanovska earned her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Patient access is the ultimate end point of all of our efforts. But ensuring stakeholders learn along the way is a key part of our journey.”

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