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Commercialization solutions

Partner with Xcenda who helped launch 600+ brands via our commercialization solutions

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Partner with the value experts

Through every stage of the product life cycle, Xcenda helps manufacturers identify, demonstrate, and deliver their brand’s value proposition to key healthcare stakeholders. Discover how our market knowledge, extensive experience, and broad expertise will help you solve real-world challenges and thrive in today’s value-driven environment.
Xcenda commercialization strategies

Proven portfolio of solutions

We generate evidence that shows your product’s value and proves how it works in the real world. We provide insights about the stakeholders and regulators that will impact your launch. We help tell a value story that sets your product apart so you can launch strong. And once you launch, we help you optimize patient access.

Trusted global expertise

We understand access decision-making processes across global markets. Our experts help manufacturers understand the critical drivers and influencers that may vary from country to country. We develop specific strategies for successful HTA submission and product access.

Unmatched scale

At Xcenda, we have launched over 600 brands from blockbuster drugs to specialty products treating just a handful of patients. We bring the full strength of AmerisourceBergen to everything we do including more than 100 years of making healthcare more accessible and millions of patients served annually worldwide.

Diverse perspectives

Combining proven solutions, scalability, and diverse perspectives from across the company, our biopharmaceutical commercialization strategies bring your new therapy to market more successfully.

Helping you in every phase of your commercialization journey

Clinical development and pre-launch

The choices you make in the early phases of drug development will impact the rest of the journey. In the clinical development stage, manufacturers face challenges with supply chain planning and patient recruitment while the pre-launch stage requires manufacturers to develop diverse strategies to effectively reach payers, providers, and patients. Finding the right commercialization partner can help position your product for success.

Peri-approval and commercialization

Developing your product’s value proposition is a critical step in your commercialization strategy. A commercialization partner that provides comprehensive market research helps you quickly and efficiently gather information about target markets and customers.

Life cycle commercialization planning

Once a product is launched, the work isn’t finished. You will need patient access programs, data and analytics, and a trusted commercialization partner to accelerate product success.

Ensure your innovation in R&D pays off by selecting a trusted partner so that you can maximize the benefits of an experienced commercialization partnership.