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Global Provider Insights Network®

Uncover the ‘why’ behind provider decisions

The Global Provider Insights Network (GPIN) is dedicated to exploring and understanding prescriber behaviors to optimize patient access to leading therapies. Comprised of more than 1,400 leading physicians, GPIN offers insights from the front lines of medicine across the nation and beyond, with 
customized research engagements to fit your timeline and budget.
 Whether you access our real-time ProviderPulse™ survey tool, conduct a Virtual Tumor Case™ or a Challenging Cases live session, access a deeper level of understanding into why providers make prescribing decisions as well as navigate the complex reimbursement landscape.

Insights from a deep bench of experts

Connect with physicians, disease specialists, nurses, pharmacists, practice managers, advanced practice clinicians, and technologists with speed to accurately capture behaviors.

Gather perspectives near and far

Learn from practicing providers in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Build more effective provider-patient strategies in support of optimized access. 

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Case Study

Improving collaboration between oncologists and payers

Consultants with physician
A multidisciplinary team of Xcenda's specialists developed a national strategy council to facilitate dialogue between physicians and payers. The manufacturer, who shared the common objectives of cost-effective treatment, equal reimbursement, and superior patient care, leveraged Xcenda's proprietary market research collaboration to host a council that included 18 oncology practices, along with 200 physicians overseeing 250,000 patients and 18 payers that covered a combined 38.5 million lives.
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Learn how prescribers approach your product

Get insights from a nationally representative group of more than 3,000 academic, hospital, and community-based oncologists and hematologists, as well as more than 1,400 providers, pharmacists, and oncology nurses. Our on-demand research tools and advisory boards generate a robust database of provider insights on treatment and prescribing behaviors that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and featured in poster presentations at major oncology conferences. 

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