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Get the payer perspective to drive patient access

Gain critical insights from our Managed Care Network—a standing market research panel of more than 160 credible advisors that includes medical and pharmacy directors, healthcare executives, and other managed care experts who collectively represent 275 million covered lives.

Access this expert group to: 

  • Test or validate value propositions and new or existing messages
  • Better understand reimbursement barriers and evidentiary requirements
  • Gain early and ongoing feedback on clinical trials and outcomes research designs
  • Assess opportunities and threats from competitor products
  • Identify key endpoints and value drivers that determine formulary positioning
  • Test economic models, outcomes analyzers, and managed markets field tools
  • Understand the impact of changing market dynamics

Access the insights you need:


Active Advisors

275 million

Covered Lives

Group of advisors

Reimbursement and Launch Strategy

Payer perspective strengthens a product’s value story

A mid-size biotech wanted to launch its first infused hematology product into a competitive disease state. Xcenda conducted a reimbursement landscape assessment and gathered insights from nearly 100 pharmacy and medical directors of the Managed Care Network. Using the results to inform pricing strategy and product value story, Xcenda helped the client develop a robust suite of patient, provider and payer resources and services to facilitate a launch free of reimbursement or access hurdles.

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Collaborate with our advisors via in-depth interviews, advisory boards, PayerPulse™ web surveys, live meetings, and virtual payer councils. Tap into the payer mindset with Xcenda, and gather insights designed around your specific needs.

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